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Definition: Wright, Frances from Chambers Biographical Dictionary


also known as

Frances Darusmont


US reformer and abolitionist

Born in Dundee, Scotland, the heiress to a large fortune, she emigrated to the USA in 1818 and toured widely, publishing Views of Society and Manners in America in 1821. In the company of the reformer Marie Joseph Lafayette she founded a short-lived community for freed slaves at Nashoba in Western Tennessee. Settling in New York in 1829, she published with Robert Dale Owen a socialist journal, Free Enquirer. One of the early suffragettes, she campaigned vigorously against religion and for the emanicipation of women.

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(born Sept. 6, 1795, Dundee, Angus, Scot.—died Dec. 13, 1852, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.) Scottish-born American social reformer. After travels in the U.S., she published Views of Society and Manners in America (1821), which was widely read and praised. Returning to the U.S. in 1824, she bought and freed slaves and settled them at Nashoba, a socialist, interracial community she established in Tennessee (1825–28). She worked with Robert Dale Owen in New York (1829) and defied convention by lecturing widely, attacking slavery, religion, traditional marriage, and the unequal treatment of women. She was a co-leader of the Workingmen’s Party. After marrying and living in France (1831–35), she returned to the U.S. and became a supporter of Andrew Jackson and the Democratic Party.

Birth Place: Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom

Death Place: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Name: Wright, Frances or Frances Wright

Gender: female

Nationality: American, Scottish

Activity: American social reformer

Keywords: Scotland, Cincinnati, Wright, Frances, American, Scottish, Dundee, slavery, abolitionism, United States, Ohio, Frances Wright, Workingmen’s Party

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