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Summary Article: Waugh, Auberon Alexander
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English journalist, critic and writer, the eldest son of novelist Evelyn Waugh. During a career which began in 1960, he became a provocative columnist and reviewer for various UK national newspapers and weekly periodicals, and also editor of the Literary Review, although he was best known for his irreverent weekly diary in the satirical Private Eye magazine. He additionally published five novels.

Born in Dulverton in Somerset, he went to Downside School. He did his national military service in the Royal Horse Guards but, while stationed in Cyprus, shot himself in an accident with a jammed machine gun leading to lifelong ill health. After leaving Oxford University without graduating, he joined the editorial staff at the Daily Telegraph, progressing to political correspondent of the Spectator 1967–70, diarist for Private Eye 1970–86, leader-page columnist for the Sunday Telegraph 1981–90, and political and social affairs columnist for theDaily Telegraph from 1990.

Waugh was also a critic and reviewer for London's Evening Standard 1973–80, the New Statesman 1973–76, the Spectator 1976–96, the Daily Mail 1981–86, and the Independent 1986–90. In 1986 he was appointed editor (and editor-in-chief from 1999) of the Literary Review magazine. He gave up writing fiction in the 1970s, but published his autobiography in 1991. At the 1979 general election, he stood unsuccessfully in North Devon as a parliamentary candidate for the Dog Lovers' Party against former Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe.

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