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Summary Article: Ward, Barbara Mary Baroness Jackson of Lodsworth
From The Columbia Encyclopedia

1914–81, British writer. Educated at the Sorbonne and at Oxford, she joined the staff of the Economist in 1939 and became foreign editor in 1940. From 1946 to 1950 she served as a governor of the British Broadcasting Corp. From 1968 to 1973 she was Schweitzer professor of international economic development at Columbia Univ. Among her several popular and penetrating works on international relations are The West at Bay (1948), Policy for the West (1951), The Interplay of East and West (1957; new ed. with new epilogue, 1962), The Rich Nations and the Poor Nations (1962), and Nationalism and Ideology (1966); she edited, with others, The Widening Gap (1971). Ward stressed the need for unity and farsighted ideals in the West and for understanding and liberal economic and political policies toward developing nations. She was created a life peer in 1976.

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