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Definition: Vittoria, Alessandro from The Columbia Encyclopedia

(älās-sän'drō vēt-tô'rēä), 1525–1608, Italian sculptor. A leader of the Venetian Renaissance and a student of Sansovino, Vittoria was influenced by the mannerism of Ammanati and Michelangelo. He was celebrated for his portrait busts and decorative work, much of which was created for the restoration of the Palazzo Ducale. Vittoria worked in collaboration with Palladio and Veronese on the Villa Barbaro at Maser.

Summary Article: Vittoria, Alessandro (1525 - 1608)
from Thames & Hudson Dictionary of the Italian Renaissance, The

The most distinguished sculptor of portrait busts and bronze statuettes in Venice during the last third of the 16c. Trained initially by Jacopo Sansovino, Vittoria inherited his basically Tuscan style and eventually amalgamated with it elements from the work of Sansovino's enemy, Michelangelo. Vittoria was often involved with architectural decoration, e.g. the caryatids at the entrance to the library of St Mark's (1555) and the stucco-work on the Scala d'Oro (golden staircase) of the Ducal Palace. A number of bronze statuettes of religious or mythological subjects bear his signature and his models were widely reproduced by the Venetian bronze foundries, particularly to decorate artefacts such as andirons and door-knockers. Their spiralling poses, swathed in stylized drapery, are analogous to those of Tintoretto. Vittoria's lifelike, but idealized, portrait busts of Venetian patricians are an essential ingredient of the visual image of the Serenissima in its heyday. Charles Avery


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