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1 Paul (Edward). born 1941, US novelist and travel writer. His novels include Picture Palace (1978), The Mosquito Coast (1981), and My Other Life (1996); travel writings include The Great Railway Bazaar (1975)

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♦ US writer

Born in Medford, Massachusetts, he has led a footloose life that is reflected in his literary output. Waldo (1969), his first novel, was followed by fictions based on three years spent in Africa. He subsequently taught at Singapore University (1968-71), a sojourn that resulted in a collection of short stories, Sinning with Annie (1976), and a novel, Saint Jack (1973, filmed 1979). Other novels, for example The Family Arsenal (1976) and The London Embassy (1982), have been based in London where he lives part of the year. His novels are urbane and paradoxical, sometimes bleak and frequently funny. Millroy the Magician (1993) was a quantum step, concentrating themes and ideas that have surfaced throughout his career. His extended rail journeys are recounted in The Great Railway Bazaar: By Train Through Asia (1975) and The Old Patagonian Express: By Train Through the Americas (1979). Other works include the novels Picture Palace (1978, Whitbread Novel Award), The Mosquito Coast (1981, James Tait Black Memorial Prize, filmed 1987), My Other Life (1996), Blinding Light (2004) and A Dead Hand (2009), and the collection of travel writings Fresh-Air Fiend (2000).

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