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Summary Article: Sturzo, Luigi
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(born Nov. 26, 1871, Caltagirone, Sicily—died Aug. 8, 1959, Rome, Italy) Italian priest and political leader. Ordained a priest in 1894, he earned a doctorate in Rome, then returned to his native Sicily to help the oppressed miners and peasants. As mayor of Caltagirone (1905–20), he built community housing and other public works. In 1919 he founded the Italian Popular Party and became its political secretary. Refusing to support Benito Mussolini, he went into exile in 1924. He returned in 1946, when his political movement was revived as the Christian Democratic Party. In 1952 he was appointed senator for life. He wrote several works of Christian social philosophy, including Church and State (1939) and Italy and the Coming World (1945).

Birth Place: Caltagirone, Italy

Death Place: Rome, national capital, Italy

Name: Sturzo, Luigi or Luigi Sturzo

Gender: male

Nationality: Italian

Activity: Italian priest and political figure

Keywords: Luigi Sturzo, Caltagirone, priest, Rome, Popolare, Roman Catholicism, labour movement, Italy, Sturzo, Luigi, government, Italian

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