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Summary Article: Stewart, Dugald
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Scottish philosopher

Born and educated in Edinburgh, where his father was professor of mathematics, he also studied at Glasgow under Thomas Reid. He succeeded his father as professor (1775), then was professor of moral philosophy at Edinburgh (1785-1810) in succession to Adam Ferguson. He was much influenced by Reid's "Common Sense" philosophy and himself became the leader of the Scottish School. He was not a highly original thinker but a great teacher and lecturer, of whom a pupil said "without derogation from his writings it may be said that his disciples were among his best works". He was a prolific author, his principal work being Elements of the Philosophy of the Human Mind (3 vols, 1792, 1814, 1827). He also wrote Outlines of Moral Philosophy (1793) and Philosophical Essays (1810). A remarkably large monument on Calton Hill, Edinburgh, attests to his fame at the time of his death.

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