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Summary Article: Stewart, J(ohn) I(nnes) M(ackintosh)
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Michael Innes


Scottish novelist and critic

Born in Edinburgh, he was educated at Edinburgh Academy and Oriel College, Oxford, then subsequently lectured at Leeds University, the University of Adelaide and Queen's University, Belfast. He was also reader in English Literature at Oxford (1969-73). A prolific writer, he is best known for his "Pattullo" sequence, set in the world of Oxford academics. His novels A Use of Riches (1957) and The Last Tresilians (1963) are generally regarded as his most important works. He also wrote works on Rudyard Kipling, Thomas Hardy, James Joyce and Joseph Conrad under his own name. As Michael Innes, he wrote some notable thrillers, including Hamlet, Revenge! (1937), Lament for a Maker (1938), What Happened at Hazelwood? (1946) and The Journeying Boy (1949). His autobiography, Myself and Michael Innes, was published in 1987.

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