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Summary Article: Stevenson, Juliet (b. Kelvedon, Essex, 30 October 1956).
from The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Stage Actors and Acting

English actress. After graduating from RADA in 1978, Stevenson began by playing small parts for the Royal Shakespeare Company. In 1981, she doubled as Hippolyta and Titania and three years later, in Measure for Measure, she made Isabella psychologically credible as a young woman choosing to become a nun in a society morally rotten to the core, thus avoiding the stridency other actresses have brought to the part. She acted in notable world premieres including Christopher Hampton’s adaptation of Laclos’ Liaisons dangereuses (1985), Ariel Dorfman’s Death and the Maiden (1991), and Martin Crimp’s The Country (2000), both at the Royal Court. In 1997 she appeared in a series of Beckett Shorts directed by Katie Mitchell for the RSC. Her most popular film was the romantic Truly, Madly, Deeply with Alan Rickman (1991), and her best television part so far has been the scientist Rosalind Franklin who narrowly missed discovering the double helix (Life Story, 1987). Stevenson is also well known for a series of popular audio books, particularly of Jane Austen’s novels.

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