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Summary Article: Starr, Kenneth Winston
From The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide

US attorney and judge. Starr's role as independent counsel in charge of the Whitewater investigation led to the impeachment of US president Bill Clinton on 19 December 1998, after Starr expanded his investigation in January 1998 to include allegations of an affair between President Clinton and White House intern Monica Lewinsky. His report on the affair was published on the Internet in 1998.

Starr was born in Texas, the youngest son of three children and raised with deep religious convictions. His father was a Baptist minister and Starr planned to follow his father into the ministry but then switched his interest to political science and attended law school at Duke University. At the age of 27, Starr became a clerk to former Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger. Here he gained a reputation as a workaholic and within a decade, he was the youngest judge ever appointed to the US Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

Though conservative in his rulings he had an independent streak that pleased civil libertarians. At 37, he was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to the US Court of Appeals. At President George Bush's request, he reluctantly left the bench in 1989 to become solicitor general. In his first tough case Starr ruled against President Bush, which is thought to have been a factor in his being overlooked as Supreme Court Justice in 1990, his life-long ambition. In 1993, he returned to private practice.

Starr accepted the job of independent counsel in the Whitewater investigation after attorney general Janet Reno's choice of Robert Fiske Jr, was deemed too partisan. The investigation quickly expanded from analysing financial records to include the suicide of White House official Vince Foster, the firing of seven White House Travel Office employees, the alleged misuse of FBI background files and whether the president, first lady Hillary Clinton, or White House aides had lied under oath. Starr, working with an unlimited budget, won several convictions, but the Clintons went unscathed. In February 1997, Starr announced that he would resign as special prosecutor to take a job as a law school dean at California's Pepperdine University but he withdrew his resignation days later, expanding the Whitewater investigation yet again to expose Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky.


Starr, Kenneth Winston

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