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Summary Article: Stanford, Charles Villiers
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Irish composer and teacher, born in Dublin. Stanford was a leading figure in the 19th-century renaissance of British music. His many works include operas such as Shamus O'Brien (1896), seven symphonies, chamber music, and church music. Among his pupils were Ralph Vaughan Williams, Gustav Holst, and Frank Bridge.

In 1870 Stanford became a choral scholar at Queens' College, Cambridge, England, and in 1873 organist of Trinity College, where he took classical honours the next year; he was also conductor of the Cambridge University Musical Society. He studied with Carl Reinecke at Leipzig 1874–76 and with Friedrich Kiel in Berlin, and in 1876 Alfred Tennyson suggested him as composer of incidental music for his Queen Mary. He received a doctorate from Oxford in 1883 and in 1888 from Cambridge, where he had succeeded George Macfarren as professor of music in 1887. He was also conductor of the Bach Choir in London and professor of composition at the Royal College of Music, where he conducted the orchestral and opera classes. He collected traditional Irish songs and edited an edition of George Petrie's The Complete Petrie Collection of Irish Music (1902–1905, three volumes).

WorksOperaShamus O'Brien (after Le Fanu; 1896).

Orchestral seven symphonies (1876–1911); five Irish rhapsodies (1901–14); cello concerto (1919); clarinet concerto.

Chamber two sonatas for cello and piano, clarinet and piano sonata, some smaller instrumental pieces with piano; piano works including sonata, three Dante Rhapsodies (1875); 11 organ works including five sonatas.

Choral oratorios The Three Holy Children (1885), Eden (1891), Magnificat; Stabat Mater, The Revenge (1886), Songs of the Sea (1904), Songs of the Fleet (1910).

Other two psalms, six services, three anthems; 20 op. nos. of songs.


Stanford, Charles Villiers

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