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Definition: Murasaki, Shikibu from Philip's Encyclopedia

Japanese diarist and novelist. Murasaki is best known for her novel, The Tale of Genji. Dating from c.1000, it is one of the first works of fiction written in Japanese. See also Japanese literature

Summary Article: Murasaki Shikibu
From Britannica Concise Encyclopedia

(born c. 978, Kyōto, Japan) Japanese writer. Her real name is unknown, and the primary source of knowledge about her life is a diary she kept (1007–10). Her Tale of Genji (completed c. 1010) is a long and complex tale, concerned mostly with the loves of Prince Genji and the women in his life. Supremely sensitive to human emotions and the beauties of nature, it provides delightful glimpses of life at the court of the empress Jōtō mon’in, whom Murasaki served. It is generally considered the greatest work of Japanese literature and perhaps the world’s first novel.

Birth Place: Kyōto, Japan

Death Place: Kyōto, Japan

Name: Murasaki Shikibu or Murasaki Shikibu

Gender: female

Nationality: Japanese

Activity: Japanese courtier and author

Keywords: Japanese, translation, “Tale of Genji, The”, novel, Japanese literature, Kyōto, diary, Murasaki Shikibu, Japan, “Diaries of Court Ladies of Old Japan”

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