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Summary Article: Sendai
from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide

City in Miyagi prefecture, Tōhoku region, northeast Honshu island, Japan, 250 km/155 mi north of Tokyo; population (2005) 1,025,100. Industries include metal goods (a metal museum was established in 1975), electronics, textiles, pottery, food processing, and printing. The Tanabata festival, held annually in early August, is a tourist attraction. It was a feudal castle town from the 16th century. The castle was built in 1601.

Sendai is the seat of the prefectural government and Tōhoku University. It is the largest city of northern Japan, and a major administrative centre. Industries are mainly connected with food and beverages, and include brewing, confectionery, dairy and fish products. Special steels, cutlery, and electricity transmission lines are also manufactured.

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