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Summary Article: Seghers, Hercules Pietersz. (c. 1589–1638)
from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide

Dutch painter and etcher. A pioneer of Dutch landscape, he was one of the first painters to break away from the Flemish Mannerist tradition and paint flat panoramas. His sombre and dramatic landscapes – both etchings and paintings – strongly influenced Rembrandt.

Seghers was born in Haarlem, studied under Gillis van Coninxloo in Amsterdam and became a member of the Guild of Painters in Haarlem. He worked in Amsterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht, and is said to have travelled to Italy and Dalmatia: such paintings as The River Valley (Uffizi, Florence) suggest first-hand acquaintance with mountain regions. Rembrandt admired and learnt from his sombre and dramatic works.

Only about 15 paintings by Seghers are known. His etchings are also very rare. He coloured them by hand, often using a different colour for each impression.

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