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Definition: Schumann, Clara Josephine Wieck from Philip's Encyclopedia

German pianist and composer, wife of Robert Schumann. She was an outstanding interpreter of the works of her husband and of their friend Brahms. She composed chamber works, piano pieces and songs, mainly for her own concerts.

Summary Article: Schumann, Clara Josephine
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German pianist and composer. She wrote a Concerto in A Minor for piano and orchestra 1835–36, a Piano Trio about 1846, and romances for piano. She married Robert Schumann in 1840 (her father had been his piano teacher). During his life and after his death she was devoted to popularizing his work, appearing frequently in European concert halls.

She was taught by her father, Friedrich Wieck, and made her first public appearance at the age of nine. She gave her own first concert at the Leipzig Gewandhaus on 8 November 1830. In 1837 she was in Vienna for some time. Her engagement to Schumann was violently opposed by her father, but they married after many difficulties on 12 September 1840. She appeared in public less frequently during her married life, but after Schumann's death in 1856 she was obliged to do so continuously and to teach. She went to live in Berlin with her mother, who had married the composer Woldemar Bargiel (1828–1897), but in 1863 she settled at Baden-Baden and in 1878 became chief piano professor at the Hoch Conservatory at Frankfurt.

WorksWorks for piano piano concerto in A minor; piano trio in G minor; variations on a theme by Robert Schumann and about 12 other Op. nos. for piano.

Other several sets of songs.

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