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Definition: Schiele, Egon from Philip's Encyclopedia

Austrian painter, one of the greatest exponents of expressionism. His characteristic paintings portray anguished or isolated naked figures whose distorted bodies reflect their mental pain. Schiele also produced landscapes and semi-allegorical pictures.

Summary Article: Schiele, Egon
From The Columbia Encyclopedia

(ā'gôn shē'lӘ), 1890–1918, Austrian expressionist painter and draftsman, studied Vietta Academy of Fine Arts. Influenced by the French impressionists, then by Gustav Klimt, Schiele developed a taut, linear style, emphasizing attenuated anatomical structure in drawings and paintings that often have strong sexual subject matter. Best known for his gaunt self-portraits and erotic figure studies, he also painted haunting portraits of his contemporaries and dark, brooding landscapes. With Kokoschka, he was in the forefront of the Austrian expressionist movement (see expressionism) until his sudden death at 28 of influenza. The Neue Galerie, New York City, has the largest collection of works by Schiele in the United States.

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