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Summary Article: Sagan, Françoise
from Chambers Biographical Dictionary

pseudonym of

Françoise Quoirez


French novelist

Born in Cajarc, Lot, she was educated at a convent in Paris and in private schools. At the age of 18 she wrote, in only four weeks, the bestselling Bonjour tristesse (1954, Eng trans 1955; filmed 1958), followed by Un Certain Sourire (1956, Eng trans A Certain Smile, 1956; filmed 1958), both strikingly direct testaments of affluent adolescence, written with remarkable economy of style. Irony creeps into her third novel, Dans un mois, dans un an (1957, Eng trans Those Without Shadows, 1957), and moral consciousness takes over in her later novels, such as Aimez-vous Brahms … (1959, Eng trans 1960; filmed 1961 as Goodbye Again) and La Chamade (1966, Eng trans 1966). Her later works had a mixed critical reception; these include the plays Château en Suède (1960, "Castle in Sweden") and Un Piano dans l'herbe (1970, "A Piano on the Grass") and the novels La Femme fardée (1981, Eng trans The Painted Lady, 1983), Un Orage immobile (1983, Eng trans The Still Storm, 1984), and Un Chagrin de passage (1994, Eng trans A Fleeting Sorrow, 1995). A memoir, Derrière l'épaule ("Over My Shoulder"), appeared in 1998. Her collected works were published in 1993.

  • Miller, Judith Graves, Françoise Sagan (1988).
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