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Summary Article: Rublev (or Rublyov), Andrei (c. 1360–c. 1430)
from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide

Russian icon painter. He is considered the greatest exponent of the genre in Russia. Only one documented work of his survives, the Old Testament Trinity (c. 1411; Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow). This shows a basically Byzantine style, but with a gentler expression.

He was probably the pupil at Moscow of Theophanes the Greek and Daniel Chyorny, with whom he collaborated. The two works which represent his genius are the fragments of a Last Judgment, 1408, in the Cathedral of Vladimir, and the Icon of the Holy Trinity (now in the Moscow Museum of History), a work of majestic simplicity and feeling far transcending the conventional icon.

He is known to have worked with Theophanes the Greek in the Cathedral of the Annunciation in Moscow. In later life Rublev became a monk. The Russian film director Andrei Tarkovsky made a film of his life 1966.

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