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Summary Article: Ripon, Frederick John Robinson 1st earl of
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(rĭp'Әn), 1782–1859, British statesman, better known as Viscount Goderich. Entering Parliament as a Tory in 1806, he sponsored the unpopular corn law of 1815 in the House of Commons. However, as president of the Board of Trade (1818–23) and chancellor of the exchequer (1823–27), his liberal policy of tariff reduction was an important step toward free trade. In 1827 he was created Viscount Goderich and was appointed secretary for war and the colonies. On George Canning's death within the same year he became prime minister, but internal strife and his own lack of resolution wrecked his ministry in 1828. Goderich (created earl of Ripon in 1833) served as secretary for war and the colonies (1830–33) and lord privy seal (1833–34). He was president of the Board of Trade (1841–43) and president of the India board of control (1843–46) in Sir Robert Peel's second ministry. By now an opponent of the corn laws, he resigned with Peel when repeal of the laws split the Tories in 1846.

  • See biography by W. D. Jones (1967).
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