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Summary Article: Redgrove, Peter [William]
from Continuum Encyclopedia of British Literature

For many years resident writer at Falmouth School of Art, Cornwall, Peter was educated at Taunton School, Somerset, and Queens’ College, Cambridge, where he read natural sciences before becoming a scientific journalist. In 1956, he became a founder member of Philip HOBSBAUM’s “The Group” and The Collector and Other Poems appeared in 1960. Among other collections, many in small limited editions, are At the White Monument (1963), Sons of My Skin (1975), The Weddings at Nether Powers (1979), The Apple-Broadcast (1981), The Man Named East (1985), The Moon Disposes: Poems 1954–1987 (1987), and The Mudlark Poems and Grand Buveur (1990). Novels include In the Country of the Skin (1972), The Beekeepers (1980), and, with Penelope SHUTTLE, The Terrors of Dr. Treviles (1974). He and Shuttle collaborated on the famous study of menstruation in its psychological, mythical, and sociological aspects, The Wise Wound (1978). Peter’s writing is dense and reflects his interest in religion, magic, and mysticism.

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