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Definition: Quayle, (James) Dan (Danforth) from Philip's Encyclopedia

US statesman, vice president (1989-93). He was a Republican congressman (1977-81) and senator (1981-88). In 1988, Quayle was chosen by George Bush to act as his running mate.

Summary Article: Quayle, (James) Dan(forth) (1947– )
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US Republican politician, vice president 1989–93. He was selected by George H W Bush as Bush's presidential running mate in 1988, as Quayle appealed to Christian conservatives and was expected to deliver the youth vote. But this choice was heavily criticized as Quayle had limited political experience, having previously been a member of Congress for Indiana 1977–81 and a senator for that state from 1981.

Born into a rich and powerful Indianapolis newspaper-owning family, Quayle studied political science at DePauw University and law at Indiana University. He was admitted to the Indiana bar in 1974, and was elected to the House of Representatives in 1976 and to the Senate in 1980. As Bush's vice president, Quayle was criticized for enlisting in the 1960s in the Indiana National Guard, which meant that he was not sent overseas during the Vietnam War. In contrast to his successors, he had a limited role in policy-making. In 1999 he contested the Republican presidential nomination, but made little impact and soon withdrew.


Quayle, (James) Dan(forth)


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