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Summary Article: Prince, Mary
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Bermudian slave and writer

Born into slavery in Brackish Pond, Bermuda, she was sold to a number of different owners before being purchased by John Wood, a plantation owner, and sent to Antigua. There she attended meetings at the Moravian Church, where she learned to read. In the 1820s she moved with Wood and his wife to England, where she escaped to the Moravian Mission House in Hatton Gardens. She was employed as a domestic servant for Thomas Pringle, secretary of the Anti-Slavery Society. In 1831 Pringle arranged to transcribe and publish The History of Mary Prince, A West Indian Slave, the first account of the life of a black woman to be published in England. The book provoked a number of libel suits, and fuelled the abolitionist movement. Prince remained in England until her death.

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