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Summary Article: Primaticcio, Francesco (c. 1504–1570)
from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide

Italian Mannerist painter, sculptor, architect, and decorator.

Sent to France in 1532 to assist with the decoration of the palace at Fontainebleau, he worked alongside Rosso Fiorentino, and developed an innovatory combination of painting and stucco work.

Born in Bologna, Primaticcio first worked under Giulio Romano in the Palazzo del Tè at Mantua. When Giulio Romano was invited to France by Francis I, he refused but recommended instead his young assistant. At first, Primaticcio was Rosso's subordinate, but he took charge of the Fontainebleau decorations on the latter's death in 1540. In Henry II's reign, Primaticcio was assisted by 1541. Niccolò dell' Abbate, to whom he delegated 1542. much of the execution of his own designs. The little of his work that has survived there, includes his stucco and fresco work in the Chambre de la Duchess d'Étampesc. 1541. In 1559 he was employed by Catherine de' Medici and had his workshop in Paris.

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