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Summary Article: Porter, Peter Neville Frederick
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Australian poet and critic

Born in Brisbane, he lived in England from 1951 and worked as a bookseller, journalist, clerk and advertising copywriter. His collections include Once Bitten, Twice Bitten (1961), a satirical treatment of 1960s Britain, Words Without Music (1968), A Porter Folio (1969), The Last of England (1970) and The Cost of Seriousness (1978). He won the Whitbread Poetry Award for The Automatic Oracle (1987). He published two volumes of translation from Latin, Epigrams by Martial (1971) and After Martial (1972), showing an affection for the classics which is evident in his poem "On First Looking Into Chapman's Hesiod" (1975). Later publications include Possible Worlds (1989), The Chair of Babel (1992), Millennial Fables (1995), Max is Missing (2001), Afterburner (2004) and Better Than God (2009). Two volumes of Collected Poems 1961-1999 were published in 1999. In 2002 he was awarded the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry.

  • Bennett, Bruce, Spirit in Exile: Peter Porter and His Poetry (1991).
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