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Definition: Porter, Katherine Anne from Philip's Encyclopedia

US short-story writer. She won acclaim with her first collection, Flowering Judas (1930). Later works include Pale Horse, Pale Rider (1939), The Leaning Tower (1944), and her best-known work, Ship of Fools (1962). Her Collected Stories won a Pulitzer Prize in 1966.

Summary Article: Porter, Katherine Anne
from The Columbia Encyclopedia

1890–1980, American author, b. Indian Creek, Tex., as Callie Russell Porter. Although she published infrequently, she is regarded as a master of the short story. Her first book of stories, Flowering Judas (1930), received immediate recognition and critical acclaim. It was followed by Pale Horse, Pale Rider (1939), which includes the superb novella Noon Wine, and The Leaning Tower (1944). Her stories have been praised for their technical accomplishments in matters of style, form, and language. A collection of her essays and occasional pieces appeared as The Days Before (1952). Her only long novel, the best-selling Ship of Fools, was published in 1962 and made into a film three years later. Set aboard a German ship shortly before Hitler's accession to power, the novel is a moral allegory that attempts to recreate the atmosphere of a world on the brink of disaster.

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