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Definition: Pocatello from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide

City in Bannock County (of which it is the administrative headquarters) and Power County, southeast Idaho, USA, on Portneuf River, near the American Falls reservoir, and 314 km/195 mi east of Boise; population (2000) 51,500. It is the second-largest city in Idaho, a railway centre, and a wholesale trade and shipping point for the surrounding agricultural area. Its manufactures include electronics, steel, cement, machinery, food products, and chemicals.It is the home of of Idaho State University (1901).

A naval ordnance plant and phosphate works spurred development in the 1940s.

Summary Article: Pocatello
from The Columbia Encyclopedia

(pōkӘtĕl'ō), city (1990 pop. 46,080), seat of Bannock co., SE Idaho, between mountains on the Portneuf River near its junction with the Snake (there dammed to form the American Falls Reservoir); inc. 1889. A railroad center since 1882, Pocatello is a major shipping and processing point for a livestock and farm area. It has an important mining industry (large phosphate deposits are nearby) and plants that manufacture electronic equipment, chemicals, and metal products. Tourism is significant; excellent skiing and water sport facilities are in the area. Pocatello is the seat of Idaho State Univ. and the headquarters for Caribou National Forest. Fort Hall reservation with its irrigation project is to the northwest; the site of Fort Hall (1834) is on the nearby Snake River.

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