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Summary Article: Paolozzi, Sir Eduardo Luigi
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Scottish sculptor and printmaker

Born in Leith, Edinburgh, of Italian parentage, he studied at Edinburgh College of Art and the Slade School in London. Collage and assemblage were central to his work. His early collages were inspired by Surrealism, and his use of magazine cuttings in works such as I Was a Rich Man's Plaything (1947, Tate Modern) made him a pioneer of Pop Art. In the 1960s he made large sculptures in brightly painted metal, for example The City of the Circle and the Square (1963, Tate Modern), and acrylic. Other sculptures incorporate nuts, bolts and machine parts or waste material such as oil cans. A prolific printmaker, in 1965 he produced a collage-based set of prints, As Is When, inspired by the life and work of Ludwig Wittgenstein. From the late 1970s he received public commissions, such as for the Tottenham Court Road Underground mosaics, culminating in the huge bronze figure of Isaac Newton (1995) outside the new British Library. He became a CBE in 1968 and an RA in 1979. He was knighted in 1989.

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