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Definition: Neumann, Johann Balthasar from The Columbia Encyclopedia

(yō'hän bältäsär' noi'män), 1687–1753, German architect. He traveled (1718) in Austria and N Italy and studied (1723) in Paris. Neumann designed several palaces and churches in Würzburg, some of which were decorated by Tiepolo. In 1742 he began the planning of Vierzehnheiligen, the most famous rococo church in Germany, celebrated for the sumptuous architectural decoration of the interior and the brilliant spatial arrangements within a series of oval spaces.

  • See Otto, C. , Space into Right (1979).

Summary Article: Neumann, (Johann) Balthasar
From Britannica Concise Encyclopedia

(born 1687, Eger, Bohemia, Austrian Habsburg domain—died Aug. 19, 1753, Würzburg) German architect. Born in Bohemia, Neumann moved to Würzburg in 1711. In 1719 he began work on a new palace for the prince-bishop, Johann Philipp Franz von Schönborn, that was especially noted for its grand staircase. Friedrich Karl von Schönborn, who was elected prince-bishop of Würzburg in 1729, went on to became Neumann’s greatest patron, putting Neumann in charge of all major building projects in Würzburg and Bamberg, including palaces, public buildings, bridges, a water system, and many churches. One of Neumann’s best works was the pilgrimage church at Vierzehnheiligen (1743–53). A master of the late Baroque style, he made ingenious use of domes and barrel vaults to create sequences of round and oval spaces possessing an airy elegance lit by huge windows; the lively interplay of these elements was accented by lavish use of decorative plasterwork, gilding, statuary, and murals.

Birth Place: Cheb, Czech Republic

Death Place: Würzburg, Germany

Name: Neumann, Balthasar or Balthasar Neumann

Gender: male

Nationality: German

Activity: German architect

Keywords: Cheb, Balthasar Neumann, Germany, Czech Republic, palace, architecture, Neumann, Balthasar, church, Würzburg, German, Rococo style, Baroque art and architecture

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