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Summary Article: Murdoch, (Keith) Rupert (1931– )
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Australian-born US media magnate, founder and head of News Corporation, formed in 1979, which became two separate conglomerates – News Corp and 21st Century Fox – in 2013. His multiple media interests in the UK, USA, and Australia have included the UK newspapers News of the World (1969–2011), the Sun (from 1970), The Times, and The Sunday Times (both from 1981); the US newspapers New York Post (1976–1988, 1993– ); 20th Century Fox film studios (from 1985); Fox Broadcasting (from 1986); and The Wall Street Journal (2007). In 1990 he launched the UK's first satellite television service, British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB). Murdoch came under intense investigation in 2011 following allegations of a phone-hacking scandal at the News of the World.

Murdoch was born in Melbourne, Australia. After graduating from Oxford University, he remained in England to work as a junior editor for the Daily Express. Returning to Australia in 1952 on the death of his father, Australian publisher Keith Murdoch (1885–1952), he inherited News Limited, producer of the ‘sleepy’ Adelaide News, and applied to it the formula of sensationalized headlines, which would become his trademark. He founded Australia's first national newspaper, the Australian, in 1964.


Murdoch, (Keith) Rupert

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