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Summary Article: Montmorency, Anne de
from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide

French soldier. Became Marshal of France in 1522, and Constable in 1538. He distinguished himself in the wars between Francis I and Emperor Charles V, and after the French defeat at the battle of Pavia in 1525 negotiated Francis I's release. He later played a leading role in fighting the Huguenots in the early stages of the French Wars of Religion (1562–98).

Named after his godmother, Anne of Brittany, he was a boyhood friend of Francis I. He played a central role in the king's military campaigns. His first successes were during the Italian Wars, when he distinguished himself at Marignano in 1515, and at Mézières in 1521.

He exercised great influence at court, becoming Constable of France after his successes against Charles V's imperial forces in Provence and Savoy. Power struggles within the court led to his banishment in 1541. He was restored to the court and to power by Henry II, who made him a duke in 1551. He fought against Spain until his capture at St-Quentin in 1557, being released when the Treaty of Chateau-Cambréesis was signed in 1559.

The Guise family, now in power, drove him from Francis II's court, though during the minority of Charles IX he joined the Duke of Guise and Marshal St André in the triumvirate that sought to resist the influence of Catherine de' Medici. He fought on the Catholic side in the Wars of Religion, winning the first battle of the war at Dreux. Later taken prisoner he was released in 1563, and was killed at the siege of Paris.

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