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Definition: Midlothian from Collins English Dictionary


1 a council area of SE central Scotland: the historical county of Midlothian (including Edinburgh) became part of Lothian region in 1975; separate unitary authorities were created for Midlothian and City of Edinburgh in 1996; mainly agricultural. Administrative centre: Dalkeith. Pop: 79 710 (2003 est). Area: 356 sq km (137 sq miles)

Summary Article: Midlothian
From The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide

Unitary authority in southeast Scotland, south of the Firth of Forth, which was previously a district within Lothian region (1975–96) and a county until 1974.

Area 363 sq km/140 sq mi

TownsDalkeith (administrative headquarters), Penicuik, Bonnyrigg

Physical inland area rising toward the Moorfoot Hills in the south; River Esk

Features Crichton Castle, Roslin Castle, Rosslyn Chapel, Newtongrange Mining Museum

Industries glass and crystal, coalmining (declining), light manufacturing, food processing

Agriculture productive agriculturally to the north (arable and dairy), less productive and intensive toward the hills in the south

Population (2001) 80,950

History historically important mining area, with Scottish Mining Museum at Newtongrange

Economy The area is diversifying as it adjusts to the demise of the coal industry. Development is on a small to medium scale.

Environment There are 14 Sites of Special Scientific Interest, two Ramsars (wetland sites), one regional park, and three country parks.

Architecture Crichton Castle, now in ruins, is on the Tyne, 19 km/12 mi east of Edinburgh. The 14th-century tower house, mentioned by Walter Scott in his story Marmion (1808), was rebuilt in 1585 in Italianate style by Francis Stuart, 5th Earl of Bothwell. The 15th-century chapel at Roslin, built by William Sinclair, has intricate stone carvings and sculptures, including the allegorical ‘Dance of Death’, and the Late Gothic ‘Prentice Pilar’.

Industrial heritage The Scottish Mining Museum at Lady Victoria Colliery near Newtongrange, was a working mine from 1890 until its closure in 1981. It contains the ‘Grant-Richie’ winding engine which could lift coal from almost 500 m/1,640 ft below the surface.

Administrative history The county of Midlothian was more extensive than the present unitary authority and included land now belonging to each of its four neighbouring authorities, East Lothian, West Lothian, Scottish Borders and the City of Edinburgh.



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