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Summary Article: Midgard
from Encyclopedia of Imaginary and Mythical Places

Variations: Mana-Heim, Miðgarðr In Norse mythology, Midgard (“mid-yard”), one of the NINE WORLDS, was the realm of mankind; it was located between GIMLE above and NIFLEHEIM below. Midgard is one of the three words that touch the roots of the tree YGGDRASIL. Situated in the middle of the universe, Midgard is bordered by mountains and the great sea, úthaf, so vast that to cross it is impossible. Jormungand, the Midgard serpent, lives in this sea. On the other side of this sea is the home of the giants, UTGARD (“Out-Yard”). North of Midgard is NIDAVELLIR (“Dark Home”), the home of the dwarfs; below is SVARTALFHEIM (“Land of the Dark Elves”) home of the elves. The Rainbow Bridge, BIFROST, connects Midgard to ASGARD.

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