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1 Charles (ʃarl). 1868–1952, French writer and political theorist, who founded (1899) the extreme right-wing group L'Action Français: sentenced (1945) to life imprisonment for supporting Pétain during World War II

Summary Article: Maurras, Charles (-Marie-Photius)
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(born April 20, 1868, Martigues, France—died Nov. 16, 1952, Tours) French writer and political theorist. In 1891 he cofounded a group of poets opposed to the Symbolist movement and later known as the école romane. An ardent monarchist, he cofounded L’Action Française (1899), a review whose “integral nationalism” promoted the idea of the supremacy of the state; it became the party organ of the reactionary Action Française. He also wrote philosophical short stories and poetry. During World War II he was a strong supporter of the government of Philippe Pétain, for which he was imprisoned (1945–52).

Birth Place: Martigues, France

Death Place: Tours, France

Name: Maurras, Charles or Charles Maurras

Gender: male

Nationality: French

Activity: French writer and political theorist

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