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Summary Article: Martín-Santos, Luis (1924–1964)
from World Literature in Spanish: An Encyclopedia

Born in Morocco and raised in San Sebastián, this Spanish novelist studied medicine in Salamanca. He specialized in psychiatry in Madrid, where he mixed with the literary and medical elite. Influenced by existential psychoanalysis, he studied in Germany in the 1950s, returning to Spain as director of San Sebastián's Psychiatric Hospital. His affiliation with the Socialist Party prompted his writings to be scrutinized by Francisco Franco's censors. His landmark, outstanding novel, Tiempo de silencio (1961; Time of Silence, 1965), forms part of the Spanish literary canon.

Set during the post–Spanish Civil War period, Tiempo de silencio presents an ironic panorama of the inner workings of socially stratified, stagnant Spanish society in 1949. The protagonist, Pedro, takes a Joycean odyssey through Madrid. Defining his style as dialectical realism, Martín-Santos broke new ground in this complex, experimental novel with stream-of-conscious monologues and alternating narrators. At the end of the Franco regime, the uncensored edition was published.

Martín Santos wrote topical essays, literature of various genres and 50 medical papers. His novel Tiempo de destrucción (1983; Time of Destruction) was left unfinished by an untimely death and published posthumously.

See also Censorship and Literature in Spain; Francoism, Fascism, and Literature in Spain; Novel in Spain: 1900 to Present.

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    Copyright 2011 by Maureen Ihrie and Salvador A. Oropesa

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