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Summary Article: Mannheim, Karl
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German sociologist

Born in Budapest, Hungary, he was educated at the universities of Budapest and Strasbourg. In 1919, after the Hungarian revolution, he emigrated to Heidelberg, became a lecturer at the university (1925), and in 1930 was appointed professor of sociology and political economy at Frankfurt University. When he was expelled from Germany by the Nazis in 1933, he fled to England, where he joined the London School of Economics. In 1945 he became professor of sociology and philosophy of education at the London University Institute of Education. One of the founders of the sociology of knowledge, he also wrote about political planning and education. His books include Ideology and Utopia (1929, trans 1936), Man and Society in an Age of Reconstruction (1935, trans 1940), Freedom, Power and Democratic Planning (1950) and Diagnosis of Our Time (1943).

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