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Definition: lunch 1 from Merriam-Webster's Collegiate(R) Dictionary

(1812) 1 : a usu. light meal; esp : one taken in the middle of the day 2 : the food prepared for a lunch — out to lunch slang : out of touch with reality

Summary Article: lunch
From The Chambers Dictionary

a midday meal; formerly, a snack at any time of day (US); a light repast between breakfast and midday meal (archaic); a thick slice, a lump (dialect).


to eat lunch.


to provide lunch for. [Short form of luncheon, from ME none(s)chench noon drink]

■ lunch'eon

(esp a formal) lunch.


(archaic) to lunch (also vt).

■ luncheonette'

(orig US) a restaurant serving snacks and light meals.

■ lunch'er
❑ lunch box or lunch'box

a box or container in which one carries, esp to work, sandwiches, etc for lunch; a man's genitalia (sl).

❑ lunch'eon-bar

a counter where luncheons are served.

❑ lunch'eon-basket

a basket for carrying lunch, with or without cutlery, etc.

❑ luncheon meat

a type of pre-cooked meat containing preservatives, usu served cold.

❑ luncheon (or lunch) voucher

a ticket or voucher given by employer to employee to be used to pay for the latter's lunch.

❑ lunch hour or lunch'time

the time of, or time allotted to, lunch; an interval allowed for lunch.

❑ lunch'-table
out to lunch

(inf ; orig US) slightly crazy, in a world of his or her own.

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