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Definition: Long Island Sound from Merriam-Webster's Geographical Dictionary

Body of water bet. S shore of Connecticut and N shore of Long Island, New York, connecting with East River on W and with Block Island Sound on E; 1299 sq. mi. (3364 sq. km.); 110 mi. (177 km.) long, from 10 to 25 mi. (16 to 40 km.) wide.

Summary Article: Long Island Sound
from The Columbia Encyclopedia

arm of the Atlantic Ocean, c.90 mi (145 km) long and 3–20 mi (5–32 km) wide, separating Long Island, N.Y., from the SE New York mainland and Connecticut. On the W the East River joins it with New York Bay. The sound is fed from the north by the Housatonic, Connecticut, and Thames rivers. The Long Island Sound is a popular leisure-boating center. New Haven, New London, and Bridgeport, Conn., are the largest port cities; many residential communities line the sound. Federal and state environmental studies in the mid-1990s identified serious problems in the sound and recommended a massive cleanup.

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Merriam-Webster's Collegiate(R) Dictionary

inlet of the Atlantic bet. Conn. & Long Is.

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