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Definition: Levant from The Columbia Encyclopedia

(lӘvănt') [Ital.,=east], collective name for the countries of the eastern shore of the Mediterranean from Egypt to, and including, Turkey. The divisions of the French mandate over Syria and Lebanon were called the Levant States, and the term is still sometimes applied to those two nations.

Summary Article: Levant
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Historical name for the countries along the shores of the eastern Mediterranean Sea. It was applied to the coastlands of Anatolia and Syria, sometimes extending from Greece to Egypt. The term was often associated with Venetian trading ventures. It was also used as a synonym for the Middle or Near East. In the 16th–17th centuries the term High Levant referred to the Far East (East Asia). The name Levant States was given to the French mandate of Syria and Lebanon after World War I (1914–18).

Place: Levant

Location: null

Type: Current sociographic region

Related Place: Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Gaza Strip, Lebanon, Greece, Israel

Keywords: Turkey, Egypt, Levant, region, Syria, Gaza Strip, Lebanon, Greece, Israel

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