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Alan Jay Lerner 1918–1986 Am. dram. & librettist

Summary Article: Lerner, Alan Jay
from The Columbia Encyclopedia

1918–86, American lyricist and librettist, b. New York City. After two years as a radio scriptwriter, Lerner began an association with the composer Frederick Loewe that resulted in several popular musicals, including Brigadoon (1947, film 1954), Paint Your Wagon (1951, film 1969), Camelot (1960, film 1967), and the Academy-Award-winning film Gigi (1958). Their highly successful My Fair Lady (1956, film 1964), an adaptation of Shaw's Pygmalion, has been translated into many languages. Lerner also wrote Love Life (1948) with Kurt Weill and the book for the film An American in Paris (1951).

  • See his autobiography, On the Street Where I Live (1978, rev. ed. 1994);.
  • biography by E. Jablonski (1996);.
  • studies by G. Lees (1990) and S. Citron (1995).
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