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Definition: Lansing from Philip's Encyclopedia

State capital of Michigan, USA, on the Grand River, S Michigan. First settled in the 1840s, it became the state capital in 1847. Industries: motor vehicles, trucks, tractors, metal goods, machinery. Pop. (2000) 119,128.

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State capital of Michigan, in Ingham County, at the confluence of the Grand and Red Cedar rivers, in the centre of the Michigan peninsula, 125 km/78 mi northwest of Detroit; population (2001 est) 119,100. It is one of the ring of satellite cities, centred around Detroit, which form part of Michigan's large automobile industry; manufacturing includes motor vehicles, diesel engines, and pumps. Lansing became state capital in 1847 and was incorporated in 1859.

Lansing was settled in the 1840s. It was initially called Michigan but was renamed in 1847. Early industries developed along the Grand River to supply the local agricultural area and process its products. US car manufacturer Ransome Olds formed the Olds Motor Vehicle Company in 1897. This, as Oldsmobile, became part of General Motors in 1908.

Features include the State Capitol building, which was dedicated in 1879 and is one of 23 Lansing entries on the national register of historic places. Lansing is also home to Potter Park Zoo and Michigan Historical Centre, incorporating the Michigan Historical Museum. The city is the seat of Great Lakes Bible College (1949) and Thomas M Cooley Law School (1972). Michigan State University (1855) is in the adjoining city of East Lansing, 6 km/4 mi to the east.


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