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Definition: Lang, Fritz from Philip's Encyclopedia

Austrian director of silent and early sound films. His debut feature was Halbblut (1919). His first major success was the two-part crime thriller Dr Mabuse (1922). Metropolis (1926), is a science-fiction classic. Perhaps his greatest film was his first sound feature, M (1931), an expressionist, psychological thriller. Fleeing Nazism, Lang moved to the USA. His first film in Hollywood was Fury (1936). Later films include The Big Heat (1953).

Summary Article: Lang, Fritz
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(born Dec. 5, 1890, Vienna, Austria-Hungary—died Aug. 2, 1976, Los Angeles, Calif., U.S.) Austrian-born U.S. film director. He studied architecture in Vienna and served in the Austrian army in World War I. While recovering from war wounds, he began to write screenplays. He found work at a movie studio in Berlin, where he later directed successful films such as Between Two Worlds (1921), Dr. Mabuse (1922), the two-part The Nibelungen (1924), the expressionistic Metropolis (1926), and M (1931). After making the anti-Nazi film The Last Will of Dr. Mabuse (1933), he left Germany for Paris and later Hollywood. His U.S. films, which equal his German films in their intensity, pessimism, and visual mastery, include Fury (1936), You Only Live Once (1937), Ministry of Fear (1944), Rancho Notorious (1952), and The Big Heat (1953). Many of his films deal with fate and man’s inevitable working out of his destiny.

Birth Place: Vienna, national capital, Austria

Death Place: Los Angeles, California, United States

Name: Lang, Fritz or Fritz Lang

Gender: male

Nationality: Austrian, American

Activity: German director

Keywords: Austrian, Vienna, Lang, Fritz, directing, “Metropolis”, American, “Big Heat, The”, motion picture, Austria, Fritz Lang, Los Angeles, “M”, “Fury”, California

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