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John Rolfe 1585–1622 Eng. colonist

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(baptized May 6, 1585, Norfolk, Eng.—died 1622?, Virginia) English colonial official. He arrived in Virginia (1610), where his experiments with tobacco cultivation produced the first export crop and built the colony’s economy. In 1614 he married Pocahontas, which helped assure peaceful relations with local tribes. In 1617 the couple and their infant son traveled to England; they were enthusiastically received, but Pocahontas became ill and died. Rolfe returned to Virginia and was appointed to the colony’s council. He was apparently killed in a massacre.

Birth Place: Norfolk, county, England, United Kingdom

Name: Rolfe, John or John Rolfe

Gender: male

Nationality: English, American

Activity: British colonial official

Keywords: Virginia, English, England, tobacco, colonialism, American, John Rolfe, Rolfe, John, plantation, Norfolk, management, government

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