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Summary Article: Jean de Meung (c. 1240–c. 1305) from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide

French poet. He is best known for his remarkable 18,000-line continuation, written about 1277, of the Roman de la Rose begun by Guillaume de Lorris. With Jean de Meung the allegory becomes a vehicle for giving forthright critical views on topics such as government, monasticism, and women, allowing him to display his wide scholarship. Other works include translations from Vegetius and Boethius.

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Full text Article Jean de Meun (c. 1240- c. 1305)
The Macmillan Encyclopedia

His conclusion (18 000 lines) of the verse allegory Roman de la rose , contrasting in both style and content with the earlier...

Full text Article Jean de Meung
The Macquarie Dictionary

(Jean Clopinel) ?1250—?1305, French poet who wrote a continuation of the Roman de la Rose following the part written by Guillaume de Lorris.

Full text Article Jean de Meung
Collins English Dictionary

n 1 real name Jean Clopinel. ?1250–?1305, French poet, who continued Guillaume de Lorris' Roman de la Rose. His portion of the poem consists of som

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