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Definition: Japan, Sea of from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide

Sea separating Japan from the mainland of Asia, connected to the Pacific Ocean by shallow straits; area 1,007,765 sq km/389,100 sq mi; average depth 1,360 m/4,460 ft. It is almost tideless. Currents flow northwards from the Korea Strait, and there is floating ice in winter. North and South Korea, and Eastern Siberia lie on its western shores; Vladivostok is the chief port.

The sea bed in the northern part is quite flat; to the south, banks separate deep troughs reaching depths of 3,000 m/9,842 ft.

Summary Article: Japan, Sea of
from The Columbia Encyclopedia

or East Sea, enclosed arm of the Pacific Ocean, c.405,000 sq mi (1,048,950 sq km), located between Japan and the Asian mainland, connecting with the East China Sea, the Pacific Ocean, and the Sea of Okhotsk through several straits. The shallower northern and southern portions of the sea are important fishing areas. The sea has depths of more than 10,000 ft (3,050 m). A branch of the warm Japan Current flows northeast through the sea, modifying the climate of the region; Vladivostok, the only ice-free port of eastern Russia, is here.

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