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Definition: Japan, Sea of from The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide

Sea separating Japan from the mainland of Asia, connected to the Pacific Ocean by shallow straits; area 1,007,765 sq km/389,100 sq mi; average depth 1,360 m/4,460 ft. It is almost tideless. Currents flow northwards from the Korea Strait, and there is floating ice in winter. North and South Korea, and Eastern Siberia lie on its western shores; Vladivostok is the chief port.

The sea bed in the northern part is quite flat; to the south, banks separate deep troughs reaching depths of 3,000 m/9,842 ft.

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Cliffs at Tōjimbō Point on the coast of the Sea of Japan (East Sea), Fukui prefecture, … Credit:Akiharu Fujikura/Bon

Branch of the western Pacific Ocean, bounded by Japan, by Sakhalin Island, and by Russia and Korea on the Asian mainland. It has a surface area of about 377,600 sq mi (978,000 sq km), a mean depth of 5,748 ft (1,752 m), and a maximum depth of 12,276 ft (3,742 m). Its relatively warm waters contribute greatly to the mild climate of Japan. The growing trade among East Asian countries has increased its use as a commercial waterway.

Place: Japan, Sea of

Location: sea, Pacific Ocean

Type: Physical Place

Related Place: Pacific Ocean

Keywords: Japan, Sea of, Sea of Japan, sea, Pacific Ocean

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