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Summary Article: James, Clive Vivian Leopold
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♦ Australian broadcaster and writer

Born in Sydney, he studied at the universities of Sydney and Cambridge, and began his career as a television critic with the British newspaper The Observer (1972-82), later publishing some of his work and writing other non-fiction, fiction and verse, and five volumes of autobiography. Known as a perceptive cultural commentator, his clever turn of phrase has been heard on television in Saturday Night People (1978-80), Clive James on Television (1982-84, 1988), The Late Clive James (1983-87), Saturday Night Clive and Sunday Night Clive (1989-94), and The Clive James Show (1995-98). His novels include Brilliant Creatures (1983) and The Silver Castle (1996). He was made a member of the Order of Australia (AM) in 1992 and won Australia's prestigious Philip Hodgkins Memorial Medal for poetry in 2003.

  • Unreliable Memoirs (1980); Falling Towards England: Unreliable Memoirs II (1985); May Week was in June: Unreliable Memoirs III (1990); North Face of Soho: Unreliable Memoirs IV (2006); The Blaze of Obscurity: The TV Years (2009).
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