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Definition: Huston, John from Philip's Encyclopedia

US film director, writer, and actor. His debut feature was The Maltese Falcon (1941). In 1946, he won a best director Academy Award for The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Other classics followed, such as Key Largo (1948), The Asphalt Jungle (1950), and The African Queen (1951). After a series of critical failures, Huston returned to form with The Man Who Would Be King (1975) and Prizzi's Honor (1985). His last film was The Dead (1987).

Summary Article: Huston, John
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(born Aug. 5, 1906, Nevada, Mo., U.S—died Aug. 28, 1987, Middletown, R.I.) U.S. film director and screenwriter. The son of Walter Huston, he was briefly a boxer, a Mexican cavalry officer, and a reporter before becoming a scriptwriter. His first work as a director, The Maltese Falcon (1941), began an illustrious career studded with film classics: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948, Academy Awards for best director and screenplay), Key Largo (1948), The Asphalt Jungle (1950), The African Queen (1951), Moulin Rouge (1952), The Night of the Iguana (1964), The Man Who Would Be King (1975), Prizzi’s Honor (1985), and The Dead (1987). He wrote screenplays for many of his own films and for others such as Jezebel (1938), Juarez (1939), and High Sierra (1941). He also worked as an actor, notably in Chinatown (1974). His daughter Anjelica (b. 1951) was an accomplished actress, earning an Academy Award for her performance in Prizzi’s Honor (1985).

Birth Place: Nevada, Missouri, United States

Death Place: Middletown, Rhode Island, United States

Name: Huston, John or John Huston

Gender: male

Nationality: American

Activity: American director, writer, and actor

Keywords: “Misfits, The”, “Bible: In the Beginning..., The”, Rhode Island, directing, Stark, Ray, “Reflections in a Golden Eye”, “Chinatown”, “Sergeant York”, “Maltese Falcon, The”, Brooks, Richard, “Man Who Would Be King, The”, “Unforgiven, The”, Merit, Legion of, “Red Badge of Courage, The”, “Let There Be Light”, “We Were Strangers”, father, “Dead, The”, Huston, Anjelica, “Asphalt Jungle, The”, “Night of the Iguana, The”, Hollywood, “Beat the Devil”, “Under the Volcano”, American, Best Screenplay—Adaptation, screenwriting, “Winter Kills”, “Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The”, “Casino Royale”, acting, “Fat City”, son, “Victory”, Missouri, “Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison”, “Moby Dick”, “Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, The”, “List of Adrian Messenger, The”, John Huston, “Prizzi’s Honor”, “Cardinal, The”, Huston, Walter, “African Queen, The”, “Key Largo”, “Wise Blood”, Academy Award, motion picture, producing, “Moulin Rouge”, Best Director, “Walk with Love and Death, A”, Huston, John, Nevada, Middletown

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