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Definition: hominids from The Hutchinson Dictionary of Scientific Biography

Subject: anthropology

Humans and their humanlike ape predecessors, which together constitute the family Hominidae.

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Of the family Hominidae. The term Hominidae was previously used to refer only to humans and their immediate fossil or subfossil ancestors and although scientifically questionable, the term ‘hominid’ is still frequently applied in this narrower sense with the term hominoid reserved for the broader grouping. The Hominidae in fact comprise two subfamilies, the Ponginae and the Homininae. The Ponginae migrated into Asia and are now represented solely by the orangutan, whereas the Homininae are represented by chimpanzees and gorillas, as well as humans. This latter group remained in Africa, dividing again into African apes and the human lineage. Humans and their fossil ancestors are distinguished from other apes by larger brain sizes permitting complex communication such as speech, an upright bipedal gait and by a slow rate of postnatal growth and development, favouring the development of a more elaborate social organisation with concomitant complex technological and cultural behaviours.


[See also anatomically modern humans (amh), archaic humans, hominisation, human evolution, human migration: ‘out of africa’]

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