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Summary Article: Holyfield, Evander
From The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide

US boxer. In August 2000, he became the only fighter ever to have won a world heavyweight title for the fourth time after a unanimous points victory over Puerto-Rican boxer John Ruiz to claim the vacant World Boxing Association (WBA) title. He had claimed his third title in November 1996 when he stopped the WBA titleholder Mike Tyson.

Career highlights

Professional record (1984– ) fights: 45; wins: 42 (27 inside the distance); draws: 2; defeats: 9

Olympic Games bronze light-heavyweight 1984

WBA cruiserweight champion 1986–88

IBF cruiserweight champion 1987–88

WBC cruiserweight champion 1988

IBF heavyweight champion 1990–92, 1993–94, 1997–99

WBA heavyweight champion 1990–92, 1993–94, 2000–01

WBC heavyweight champion 1990–92

As a cruiserweight, Holyfield won his first world title in 1986 and two years later became the first-ever undisputed champion in this weight division. Stepping up to heavyweight, in October 1990 he knocked out James ‘Buster’ Douglas to win the joint World Boxing Council (WBC), WBA, and International Boxing Federation (IBF) crowns. He held these titles until November 1992 when he lost to Riddick Bowe. However, a year later he regained the WBA and IBF titles from Bowe. After being defeated by Michael Moorer in 1994 he retired until 1995, apparently because of a heart defect. In November 1997 he recaptured the WBA and IBF titles from Michael Moorer. Retaining his belts through a fortunate drawn decision against Lennox Lewis in 1999, he then lost his titles later that year in the rematch with Lewis. Having reclaimed the WBA title by defeating John Ruiz, he lost it to Ruiz on a points decision in the rematch. A third fight between Holyfield and Ruiz was drawn. In October 2007, he attempted to win a heavyweight title for a fifth time, but he lost on points to Sultan Ibragimov.

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