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Definition: Hofstede, Geert from The AMA Dictionary of Business and Management

Dutch business executive and consultant who investigated the interaction between culture and business in transnational settings.

Summary Article: Hofstede, Geert H.
from BUSINESS: The Ultimate Resource

Dutch academic and business executive. Identified four work-related dimensions of national culture, thus providing a framework for understanding cultural differences within business. His work, first published in Culture's Consequences (1980), has been extended by Fons Trompenaars.

After spending time working in factories as a foreman and plant manager, Hofstede became chief psychologist on the international staff of IBM, and then joined IMEDE, the Swiss business school, in 1971. He has also worked at the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management in Brussels and at Maastricht University, where he is now emeritus professor of organizational anthropology and international management.

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