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Summary Article: Harrison, George
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English rock and pop guitarist, singer, and songwriter. He played lead guitar and sang in the legendary English rock group the Beatles, and wrote occasional songs for the group, including ‘Something’ (1969). After the group split up in 1970, Harrison began a solo career with hit singles including ‘My Sweet Lord’ (1970).

Harrison was born in Liverpool, England, and began playing with John Lennon and Paul McCartney in 1957. His solo career also included producing records for other artists, and he organized a benefit concert that raised money for people in Bangladesh, which resulted in the album The Concert for Bangladesh (1972). He established a film production company, Handmade Films, and produced films including Life of Brian (1979). Solo albums included All Things Must Pass (1970) and Dark Horse (1974). He published an autobiography, I Me Mine, in 1980. From 1988 he recorded with the band the Traveling Wilburys.


Harrison, George

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